about us

We are a Roman Catholic ministry dedicated to the students, staff and faculty of Greensboro College, Guilford College and UNC-Greensboro. Following the example of Jesus, we are called to welcome, worship, and witness. We strive to be an example to others of an inclusive faith community that celebrates the dignity of every person. If you are part of NC A&T or Bennet campuses check out Thea House.

Photo Credit: Sacred Heart Cathedral

Are you a practicing Catholic or a Catholic who has been away for awhile?

Have you had an experience of feeling unaccepted or "not worthy"?

Are you a member of a different Christian denomination?

Are you a follower of a different religion?

Do you identify as an agnostic or a "None"?

Are you just curious or critical of organized religion?


Alex | President

Andrew | Rituals

Ethan | Hospitality

Jesse | Logistics

Gregg | Campus Minister

Bruiser | Resident Canine

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