Women's Group

NOTICE: Women's Group is meeting online for the remainder of the semester. Please use GroupMe to get information on joining the online sessions! Women from ALL Greensboro Colleges are welcome to participate.

Do you feel pulled in many directions? Do you find it hard to balance the demands placed on your time? Is it difficult to manage all the details thrown your way? According to Richard Swenson, M.D., we have "more and more of everything, faster and faster." Unfortunately, this can leave us feeling frazzled and out of control. God wants to support and help us so that we can be our best in every season of our lives.

Keeping in Balance will take you on a journey throughout Scripture as you discover the relevance of Hebrew and Christian wisdom to your daily challenges. Join us as we explore biblical ways that we can manage life's pace and pressure while living with calm and steadiness. A lifestyle of health and holiness awaits.

This group of college-aged women meets on Wednesdays at 5:00 PM in 121 Smith. The group's GroupMe can be found at here. That will be the primary way the group communicates with one another.

Please note that our schedule follows UNCG's academic calendar, delays and cancellations. Our calendar will offer more specific event dates and changes.